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I am a multi-media artist who has worked in many mediums, oil, acrylic, pastels, film and newer work in ENCAUSTIC AND OILS. Encaustic is an ancient form of painting from the Greeks and Egyptians. Using wax and oil pigments I mix myself, I paint with brushes and tools, and then fuse with heat each layer of paint and beeswax, sometimes fusing 7 layers in a painting.

I received an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles. At UCLA in 1972 I was fortunate enough to work with well-known international and California artist, Richard Diebenkorn. My past work has been large, mural -size canvases which have been exhibited in galleries and museums, and are in collections on the east and west coast.

The passion and inspiration for my work comes from nature: rocks, landscapes, skies, ocean which becomes new space and form. I have lived in Mexico and the Southwest which has been influential in my work. My work with indigenous elders to sacred sites has brought a sense of spirit to my work and a deep appreciation of the land and elements. The newer work, The Four Elements has come from living on the ever-changing northern California coast.

I continue to do figure paintings and drawings along with the inner landscapes. I am influenced by the natural architecture of the land and the connections through the language of line, color and shape. My paintings try to capture that moment where the seen and the unseen are made more "visible."

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